Aunique multifaceted talented and danseuse par excellence is what Sowmya is all about. She is born to a cultural affluent family with parents G.K. Sampath Kumar and Vijayalakshmi. Blessed with a doting husband Govind Naidu and an Art-loving family. Sowmya is now based in Qatar, pursuing her passion to greater heights.

Having deep inclination towards divine art, Sowmya got initiated into the Aesthetic field at the age of six. Under the able guidance of Guru Dr. Vasundhara Doraswamy who is a well-known Bharathnatyam Danseuse from Mysore, Sowmya underwent 26 years of intensive training in Dance and Basic Yoga. She shot to limelight by winning many accolades, prizes, awards and scholarships by various organizations across the world

  • She has topped the State Board in Junior, Senior and Vidhwath Dance examinations.
  • She has been crowned first in ‘All India Music and Dance Festival’ Hyderabad in the year 1996, 97, 99 and 2003
  • She was selected by ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) and IRCEN (Indian International Rural Cultural Centre) representing India in Cultural Exchange Program and performed in different parts of China (Beijing Xian Province, Shangai, Hong Kong and Harbin) and Thailand.
  • Arangetram (Rangapravesham) in August 1996 was another feather in her cap
  • Being Doordarshan artist is another stepping stone in the success of Sowmya’s career of dance
  • Besides all these, she is a recipient of the Central Government Scholarship, - awarded by the Union Ministry of Culture during the year 2003-2005 for Dance and 2006-2008 for Nattuvangam (cyllabals)
  • She is blessed to be guided in Yoga from her Guru Dr. Vasundhara, who is one of the pioneer disciples of renowned Shri Pattabhi Jois from Mysore in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Marga
  • Some of the performances in prestigious festivals include - Hampi Utsav- Karnataka, Khajuraho Dance Festival - Madhya Pradesh, Pattadakal Dance Festival (Chalukya Utsav) - Karnataka, Natarajothsava National Dance Festival - Karnataka, Pallavothsava National Dance Festival - Karnataka, Dasara Mahothsava – Karnataka, Karavali Utsav - Karnataka, Halebeedu Utsav – Karnataka and many more.
  • Donning virtualistic and explicit characters in various dance ballets touring across and presenting her histrionic talent adds light to her dance career
  • She has performed in the choreographies of her Guru in the DanceDramas like ‘Vidhyun Madanika’, ‘Discovery of India’, ‘Abhignana Shakuntala’,’Durga’, ‘Chalukya Vaibhava’, ‘Sampurna Ramayana’, ‘Srikrishna Tulabara’, ’Saptagireesha Panigrahana’, ‘Sooryanamaskara’- A blend of Yoga andDance, ‘Manmatha Dahana’, ‘Vasundhara Kanda Karantha’, ‘Rani Kayikeyi’,’Shive Shiva Navarasa’, ‘Hoysala Vaibhava’ and many more
  • She has been as an examiner for Dance in Karnataka Education Board for Junior, Senior and Vidhwat grade Examinations and also for Cannoor (Kerala)- Lasya Dance School. She has also been invited as judge for several State Dance and Music Competitions
  • She has teaching experience in the same field for more than 18 years. Her solo performance is a visual delight in various National and International dance festivals.
  • Her solo performance is a visual delight in various National and International dance festivals.
  • Academically a gold medalist in MBA. Painting and singing is her hobby “A Dedicated Artist, An Eminent Performer, An Accomplished Dancer and A Committed Guru” is all about Sowmya.


Enlightening Demonstration- A Noteworthy feature of her leg movements was the softness of the foot movements, especially, the feather-touch stamping throughout the performance-THE HINDU An Instance of Faultless Bharathanatyam -That Sowmya is a well-trained dancer was evident from her delineation of Varnam is Karaharapriya. Though the Varnam is Ramayana in a capsule form, the interpretation covers almost all the major episodes.-INDIAN EXPRESS

Inspiring Recital By Sowmya-Unlike most Bharathanatyam dancers, she fills the stage with lightning movements. This adds a welcome new dimension to Bharathanatyam. Another interesting feature is the high, light leap and the low leg stretch movements. In her ‘Ashtapadi’ she made an indelible impact with her strange assertion of independence - FEMINA, BOMBAY

Memorable Performance by young Sowmya- The most significant presentation in Bharathanatyam is Padavarnam, in which the artiste is in full imaginative flight and has ample scope to show her artistry. Sowmya’s dance marked by precision and speed in the virtuoso grandeur of rhythm. Ms. Sowmya showed her command over the various dance forms with swift footwork- STAR OF MYSORE, GEMINI

Captivating recital by Sowmya- Sowmya, gifted with an attractive personality and expressive eyes, treaded her guru’s style and captured the audience with sublime abhinaya and striking nritta, while presenting Sri Rama Varnam -SAMACHAR

Full of verse and creativity- G.S.Sowmya proved her worth in the padavarnam in Dhanyasi. The sancharis she presented were evocative of her creative instincts – THE HINDU, G.S.PAUL

Endearing delicacy- The young artist is proficient in both areas of nritha and nrithya, animated in the former and impressive in the later. The extent of stretch while describing the vinyasas and the degree of acuty in assuming bhangis are a measure of her expertise in yogic postures. In “Adidano Shankara aadidano”, versatility, agility and quick reflexes rendered the pure dance sections attractive. In areas warranting abhinaya, the artiste unfolded herself, delving into the depths of refined expressions (Navarasas) – HINDU, FRIDAY REVIEW, V.NAGARAJ

Pure and expressive-With music contributing much to the aesthetics of the programme, Sowmya Govind Naidu of Qatar combined pure and expressive dance in a notable manner. The very opening with a rare Mela prapthi followed by Shiva shloka captivated the audience. It was poorvarangavidhi rendered to the accompaniment of instrumental music.

The dancer covered the stage in geometrical patterns and stole the show. Likewise in the next Swaranjali too, she translated the intricate swaras and jathis into a superlative dance language.

The famous Bhagyada Lakshmi baaramma (focused on Abhinaya) showcased the theatric talent of Sowmya. The concluding Valachi tillana was packed with the technical skills of the dancer and the piece of text on Goddess Adi Shakthi was beautifully portrayed.- THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS, DR. SURYA PRASAD


We aim to nurture talents of each of our students, enriching their performance skills, there by generating a wider understanding of the art forms. We also prepare advanced students for professional careers in their chosen art form. All students are provided with an opportunity to perform before an encouraging audience consisting of their parents, friends and well-wishers in annual events arranged at the centre every year. We also conduct stage programs for Qatar National day, Republic day, Vijayadashami and Navarathri Celebrations. Apart from these activities, we conduct drawing, quiz competition from the younger ones to the higher grade students.